Balloon logo_2“Ron is a walking legend to hundreds of people, he stands out like a lighthouse with his demeanor, leadership, attitude towards life and his raw talent. He is a man with integrity and has truly impacted many people positively with his selfless leadership.

During my career with Southwestern, I have had the opportunity to be mentored by Ron and I could not thank him enough for all his great advice and guidance. Ron being one of the top 1% sales producers in the company, I knew that whatever Ron tells me could only result in great benefit to me. Therefore I took his words and that summer I doubled my production.

Ron really has the ability to connect genuinely and warmly with nearly everyone. It’s no wonder how he is always appreciated and loved by those he comes into contact with. Ron, an inspiring role model to me and always will be.

I am 100% certain Ron will make an incredible business coach and your choice to work with Southwestern Consulting will only be a great one” Wendy Chung, Balloon Ventures


“Ron is strongly business-minded, yet has the heart and emotional intelligence of someone you can’t help but want to be around – and follow. He is a natural leader. Ron makes people feel good about who they are, while at the same time challenges them to reach their fullest potential. He cares deeply about his people (whether that’s clients, members of his sales teams, or product people), and demonstrates that in his every word and action. Ron is on top of the details, yet things ‘big-picture’. He consistently works to make things better, whether that means a change in strategy or a redefined target. Working with Ron has been an absolute pleasure, and I can only hope I have the chance to do so in the future” Haley Devlin, Southwestern Advantage


anniemac-logo“Ron, I wanted to thank you for everything you have done for me as my coach. Because of working with you I now have better control of my schedule, my focus is stronger in the areas of my business that are most critical to my success, my work/life balance better than ever, and I lead my staff in ways I never thought I could have. You have taught me how to instill vision and motivate my staff to their goals and that has resulted in a much stronger culture with my team and obviously higher levels of production. You have taught me so much and been a great friend to me, my future is now so much brighter because of you!” Tom Mills, AnnieMac Home Mortgage


kw-logo_1126_01“Thank you Ron for your service minded approach to your coaching. I was highly impressed with you as a coach and better yet a person. Ron, from the very first meeting was engaging and definitely passionate about all that he does with and for his clients. I highly recommend Ron if you want to take your business to the next level.” Eric Prehm, Keller Williams Realty


Pinnacle Real Estate Advisors

“Ron Alford and Southwestern Consulting have been instrumental in moving my team from number two in our company to number one in our city and marketplace. His coaching style honed in on what it would take to push me beyond the success I was already achieving, identifying areas I needed improvement and even helping me recognize areas I didn’t know I needed to refine.” Matt Lewallen, Pinnacle Real Estate Advisors, LLC


recycle-29227_1280“Three R’s: Ron. Reality. Respect.

Ron Alford was the first person I ever met with a fully developed ability to create his own reality. Rather than assessing a situation, weighing information and deciding what is statistically probable, Ron looks into the future, sees what is possible and then lives into it, bringing it into being.

Ron doesn’t “overcome the odds” he understands that ‘one’ expressed as a percentage is 100%. It doesn’t matter if it’s never been done when he is the ‘one’ doing it. The outcome is 100% guaranteed before it begins.

Ron singularly inspired a seemingly never-ending stream of breakthrough performances unparalleled in the 144 year history of our program.

I have witnessed this inspiring ability to believe in himself and others create “impossible” results in his personal relationships, physical accomplishments and professional accomplishments.

Ron doesn’t live life fully, he is life fully realized. Respect.” Lester Crafton, LEAD Clean Energy Project


Guild Mortgage Compny“While having Southwestern Consulting provide a 1 hour workshop for my sales force I realized that I needed to make a more firm commitment to my personal success and that of my sales force, in doing so I was introduced to Ron Alford. I’ve had the privilege of working with Ron for a little over 7 months now and in that time I have known Ron to be a personable and highly intelligent business coach and colleague. Ron’s desire and commitment to me and my team is evident in each and every call/meeting. He is a passionate leader with our career and goals being his number one priority. I highly recommend Ron as a business coach.” Kreg Newman, Guild Mortgage


Screen shot 2014-11-20 at 10.49.18 AM“Ron Alford has always impressed me with his great strength of character, personality, work ethic and will. He takes great care of people, motivates and helps people be all they can be. Ron is truly one of a kind. I strongly recommend Ron Alford.” Melissa Berube, Erickson Air-Crane


“I had the great experience of being paired with Ron as my coach at Southwestern. The program Ron worked me through was fantastic. I was always happy with our contacts and he left me waiting for another. I would suggest a touch base with this company and you will be glad you did. Thanks Ron!!! You made it all fresh again!!” Gary Yucabeck, Independent Marketing and Advertising Professional


Precision Medical Products“Ron Alford is a a rare talent & a difference maker for any organization. His workshop provided an adrenaline shot of motivation and focused intensity to our medical device sales force, as well as tangible technical sales training. All the product knowledge in the world is a waste if educated sales reps are not excited, motivated and sharp. Precision Medical noticed an immediate increase in production following our national sales meeting with Ron as the key note speaker and trainer. Our sales reps and entire management team were so impressed with the level of impact that many of them decided to do personal coaching and mentoring with Ron’s company, Southwestern Consulting.” Jeremy Perkins, Precision Medical Products, Inc.


Southwestern Advantage“Ron is a leader, driven by integrity and incredible character. His intuitive business sense perhaps explains part of why he is the record holder of the highest sales achievement of a 150+ year old company, and has guided more top producers than any other leader in the company. From my six years working with him, I say with certainty: he is keen on the details, and prioritizes his time on what he knows is most important and productive: the goals and successes of those around him. I have Ron to thank for not only being a major factor in the successes I’ve professionally experienced, but also for being a great mentor and friend. I wholeheartedly recommend Ron Alford.” Robyn Lee, Southwestern Advantage


Great American Opportunities“Ron is one of the most talented individuals I have ever met. He coached me and was always motivating, consistent, compassionate, and fun to be around. Ron has developed into a very close friend of mine and I have many great things to say about him as a person. That, however, does not take away from the fact that I just spent weeks (during my busiest season of the year) trying to lure him to our team at Great American! I wanted him aboard for his ability to lead and direct a group of people and because I truly believe he is the best salesperson I have ever met. If you have a chance to work with Ron or be coached by Ron count yourselves as one of the lucky ones. There are a lot of “good” sales and leadership coaches out there. Ron is GREAT. He is an amazing guy and an incredible talent and I am so thankful our careers crossed paths because I am a better salesperson and a better manager because of his influence.” Thomas Hixson, Great American Opportunities


Ron Alford is one of the most influential people in my personal development. Ron Alford always believed in me and inspired me to push myself. He never has anything negative to say about anyone and has an infectious positivity and work ethic. Most importantly Ron is truly focused on service. He is always humble, but hungry for growth. Ron has an impressive sales and leadership record. More important than that record is the integrity and character that Ron consistently demonstrates in the way he lives his life.  I am incredibly grateful for all that Ron has given to me and inspired me to become. Anyone who can have Ron in their life will be better off. I strongly recommend him as a trainer, mentor, inspiration and friend. Thank you Ron!” Jon Bowes, Independent Marketing Professional



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